Life in a Bubble

Life in a Bubble

When we got an enquiry from a local craftmaker, we knew it sounded all too familiar. A local craftmaker who specialises in colourful bathbombs and soaps! It turns out by chance we were talking with this wonderful lady just weeks previous at a craft market – small world!

“I would definitely recommend Mark from Tall Hut! Mark has supported me through this new unknown area of website with his knowledge! Great service and I am happy with result!

Linda McIlmoyle, Life in a Bubble

For this website, we really made sure that the products were the real focal point. The colours and patterns on Linda’s products are beautiful and it was important to show their full potential. After that, we implemented specific options for the customer like selecting multiple products, all at different weights or options, and adding discount codes given Life in a Bubble overall flexibility marketing structure.

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