We provide ourselves in getting new entrepreneurs and sole traders online. Typically, it is their first website and they are expanding their reach to obtain online sales or trying to simplify their business processes. But what do we offer?


Perhaps the most popular reason for a business to get a website is simply to sell online. They would often rely on word of mouth or brick and mortars outlets to get their goods sold direct to customers but now they want to sell online, taking advantage of the massive online audience.

We have been able to get a number of small businesses online and to date have seen thousands of pounds being transacted on websites we’ve built for clients in the past. You do not want to be missing out on sales but also a chance of automate processes as e-commerce stores also hold the benefits of extended marketing and branding capabilities.


No doubt you could fall into this category. You’ve amassed enough work to fill several rooms but there is far too much traffic on social media to attract enough people to your pages and then there is the problem of social media reducing the quality of your work. Don’t let that be a problem anymore.

With a portfolio website, you’re in control of the size of your images and you can design your website to fit your style with the ability of continiously being able to keep your website up to date with new work you’ve created. Why not even combine this with the ability to sell online – two birds with one stone!

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The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.

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John Lennon Guitar A Day In the Life
George Harrison Guitar Old Brown Shoe
Paul McCartney Bass Helter Skelter
Ringo Starr Drums Don’t Pass Me By

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